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No worries.

Thanks for the reply.

I've actually been doing this stuff for over ten years, and, funny enough, I started off on ASP and, obviously, HTML back then.

However, for the last couple of years (not sure how long exactly), I've basically been doing ASP.Net.

However (little bit 'off-topic') I'm relatively recently blind as such so I've sort of moved back to more text-based development since it makes more sense than any sort of semi-graphical development environment, so even though I'm indeed using MS VS.Net 2005, I basically just sort of use the intellisense while editing the HTML manually, and putting script blocks inside the files.

For interests sake (maybe you already know about it), go check out:

They have very good online tutorials/reference guides relating to all sorts of web development including ASP, HTML, PHP, and even some stuff specific to MS SQL, and the one really nice thing for me at this stage is that the website is, as such, very accessible.

For interests sake, the main thing about using a computer as I do know, is that I no longer really use a mouse, but basically just use keyboard commands/shortcuts, but I can FWIW sort of switch the mouse cursor to be controlled by the cursor keys.

Like I said, this stuff is sort of off-topic, except for the fact that I basically reckon this is around the best job in the world for a blind guy because technology is on a permanent uphill climb to make the electronic world and the internet accessible.

Stay well

Jacob Kruger
Blind Biker

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I am on this list, since I am getting this from you.  But, I hadn't seen
any activity, so I forgot about it.  Its free, so I am staying.

Welcome and good luck with your development efforts.  I may not be of
any help, as I am a newbie to the Visual Studio scene.


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