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Hopefully you would not actually want to do this in production, since it
implies a rather poor design, but

  FROM (SELECT b.*, row_number() OVER (ORDER BY customer_id) rn
          FROM books)
 WHERE MOD(rn,3) =3D 1

Justin Cave
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Q1) Below given is a simple table with Customer_id and Book_Name as 2
fields. Analyzing the book name we can see that every third book is a
book on database technology. I want to design a query to retrieve the
1st record, the 4th ,the 7th and the 10th.
And generalize it to n no of rows i.e retrieve every nth record. Please
suggest solution.






Mastering oracle sql


Microbiology for beginners


Algebra by Hall n Night


Inside of SQL Server


Economics by M.L Seth


Modern India History


DB2 for programmers


Universe in a Nutshell Stephen Hawking


Mutation by Robin Cook


Oracle 9i database administration fundamentals 1


Q2) I was asked in an interview a proposed solution for the following


Interviewer: The order management department manager faces the following
problem in the subsequent module of SAP ERP package-

Each time he makes an update of the latest order, it takes quite a lot
time to be reflected in the different module of that ERP solution. What
is that as a DBA you can check for it?


I need to know in which field the DBA should put his concentration:


Application programming: should go for the tuning of the queries, procs,
indexes, packages that the ERP application uses.


Core DBA: should he go for managing the data dictionary, the buffer
cache , the table spaces for the user etc.


System Administration: should he suggest for configuring the controller
set up?

     Ex: change the RAID set up from 15 to 01...




Soumya Mishra.


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