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Try it this way










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What m I missing?


$ echo $ORACLE_SID
$ ps -ef|grep pmon
  oracle 10469     1  0   Sep 02 ?        0:00 ora_pmon_admdev
  oracle 10591     1  0   Sep 01 ?        0:00 ora_pmon_admdevs4 -->
Another pmon process
  oracle  2690 27665  0 16:36:54 pts/11   0:00 grep pmon
$ export ORACLE_SID=admdevs4
ORACLE_SID=admdevs4: is not an identifier
$ export ORACLE_SID admdevs4
$ echo $ORACLE_SID

Is this Strange or Im missing something? I know there is a second case.
but what.. 


Regards - Chirag



On 9/7/05, Kurth, Michael J. <mkurth@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

export ORACLE_SID=xxx



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        How will you change the ORACLE_SID in UNIX?


        export ORACLE_SID temp2


        echo $ORACLE_SID 



        What I m missing?


        Regards - Chirag


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