[askdba] Re: how to rebuild oraInventory if currupted.

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One way that I know of for sure is to reinstall the binaries for 8.0.6..
That will rebuild oraInventory, and you can upgrade from there

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Hi Team,

One of my DBA friend has 2 machines. On one he was running 8.0.6.

To put it on different machine he tar the binaries of the oracle and untar
on another machine.

DB is working but now he is unable to upgrade. It is asking to do with DISK
and it requires lots of configurations. OraInventory was copied over from
othere system along with oracle home and installed in different filesystem.
=20 Path structure is not same on both machines. Orainventory seems to to
get corrupted.

Any idea how to rebuild corrupted orainventory?

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