[askdba] Re: how to rebuild oraInventory if currupted.

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Try recreating a new OraInvetory as


If there are other products installed through the OUI, create a copy of the
oraInst.loc file (depending on the UNIX system,

 possibly in /etc or /var/opt/oracle).

Modify the inventory_loc parameter to point to a different location for the
OUI to create the oraInventory directory.

 Run the installer using the -invPtrLoc parameter

(eg: runInstaller -invPtrLoc /PATH/oraInst.loc).

 This will retain the existing oraInventory directory and create a new one
for use by the new product ( which in your case should be where the
OraInventory was copied over )



Ankur Shah

Oracle DBA


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> Hi Team,
> One of my DBA friend has 2 machines. On one he was running 8.0.6.
> To put it on different machine he tar the binaries of the oracle and
> untar on another machine.
> DB is working but now he is unable to upgrade. It is asking to do with
> DISK and it requires lots of configurations. OraInventory was copied
> over from othere system along with oracle home and installed in
> different filesystem. =20
> Path structure is not same on both machines. Orainventory seems to to
> get corrupted.
> Any idea how to rebuild corrupted orainventory?

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