[askdba] Re: how to connect to 8i from 10g

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Connections between 10.1 and are certainly supported.  With the patchset, you can connect to 8.1.7.x databases.

Justin Cave
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Dear askdbas...
I have production db on 8.1.7 @ b-lore
and Here I have 10g  where... But I want to connect to 8.1.7 db then I
have to go here to server on which we have kept 8.1.7 ...many times its
difficult for me to move to that location ..because 10g is not
any way out...

Deepa Kale -DBA
Jyoti Structures - Nasik(IT)


             DBA Chirag


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Ankur,Anthony, Regis, Ganesh n all,

I think AskDBA is a very good name. and I don think we need to imitate
the same name. Cant we survive without the name ??

Let us go with this only. We all are trying to be reunited. I sent mail
to some others also, but I think many ids are absolute now.

We will be a great strength and of course very good backup for one
another as well as others.

Lets go with AskDBA man...  I love to ask real DBA in trouble....

Take care

 - Chirag majmundar

On Thu, 23 Sep 2004 13:59:46 -0400, Ankur Shah <ankur_ora@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Ganesh...Regis..Chirag...Subodh...Chandra..and all those who used to=20
> be
Lazydbas..( I hope Henry doesn't have any objection to use it within a
> Keep Posted
> Ankur Shah

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