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  • From: Nisar Tareen <ntareen@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: vijay k singh <kush0812@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2005 07:29:43 -0800 (PST)

If you have  9i  Server Version Disks,   EnterPrise Manager is on those disks 
and you can install it and  Logminer is a part of it. 
Else set it as following
You direct LogMiner operations using the DBMS_LOGMNR and DBMS_LOGMNR_D PL/SQL 
packages, and retrieve data of interest using the V$LOGMNR_CONTENTS view, as 

Specify a LogMiner dictionary.

Use the DBMS_LOGMNR_D.BUILD procedure or specify the dictionary when you start 
LogMiner (in Step 3), or both, depending on the type of dictionary you plan to 

Specify a list of redo log files for analysis.

Use the DBMS_LOGMNR.ADD_LOGFILE procedure, or direct LogMiner to create a list 
of log files for analysis automatically when you start LogMiner (in Step 3).

Start LogMiner.


Request the redo data of interest.

Query the V$LOGMNR_CONTENTS view.

End the LogMiner session.

Use the DBMS_LOGMNR.END_LOGMNR procedure.

You must have been granted the EXECUTE_CATALOG_ROLE role to use the LogMiner 
PL/SQL packages and to query the V$LOGMNR_CONTENTS view.

above from  (Oracle Database Utility ) ref. for furthur information. 

Nisar Tareen 



vijay k singh <kush0812@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dear Nisar Tareen,
i want to know about Oracle Management Server...Installation etc. where i can 
get this. bcox i want to use the logminer utility
kinldy help me from where i can get these details about it. I m using Oracle 9i 
R2 version
vijay k.s. kushwah

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