[askdba] Re: [dba_gurus] final yr prjct selection

  • From: Nisar Tareen <ntareen@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: mail4kamig <mail4kamig@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005 16:00:42 -0800 (PST)

But have a courage to put you name. 
You ask for it, 
It will be a project of some hardware and some software  high end skills. 
In a operation theater  for each operation,  Operating Table,  lights , 
equipment and etc had to adjusted,  DO a project that when the dr. enter the 
operation all the  Lights in the room,  Operating table is adjusted accordingly 
and equipment are extracted from the bins.  Plus other things related to the 
          This will increase the effeciency of each operation room and more 
operation can be handle by hospitals and more money for them and more money for 
          If you become successfull God Willing...  don't forget my commision. 
Good Luck. 
Nisar Tareen 

mail4kamig <mail4kamig@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

         im final yr student in BS-CS and unable to decide what 
should be my final yr prjct ......
my skills are as follows....
=>good vb.net programmer and average java developer
=>make best 5th semester prjct...
=>few things which i anticipated about myself is....
         my final prjct should be some thing like distributed 
application design and development .. as i want to have my Phd in 
tht as well....
the thing which confused me is tht which tool should i follow .net 
or java
All those fellow members who are in practical field and know  the 
ins and out of market pls advice me....what is  the scope of prjct 
in next yr or so...
ill inshallah rememver all those in my prayers....
                              waiting for kind regards

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