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make sure the user has either quota unlimited on that tablespace, or at least 
enough to accomodate the size of the table.

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can you post the actual error... It seems the users does not have quota on=
the tablespace to create the object..

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Dear All,

I created user, given him connect, create session,
create any table privs.

and tried to create a table, it gave me the error as
insuffcient privs for creating the table in
i checked the default tablespace of the user it was
the same as mentioned in error..
then i assigned him dba privs, then it was able to
create the table..

even i dropped the user twice...still the error

can somebody point me what is the error, i do not want
to give the user dba privs, but he should be able to
create table..

what should i do..


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