[askdba] Re: Upgrading 8174 to 92078

  • From: "RAMA KORADA" <RKORAD@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <askdba@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, <ntareen@xxxxxxxxx>, <dba_gurus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2005 11:59:08 -0600

I did  same what that doc says, i was able to install 9i and 9207 ok and when 
upgrading using DBUA iam having problem, 
I could create new 9i database using DBCA successfully.
I am doing this on an AIX box. I have backups/Database/8i installation on same 

>>> ntareen@xxxxxxxxx 11/22/05 11:43 AM >>>

40GB  is not a big size,  Depending on the Server and Operating system Windows 
/ UNIX. 
Are you going to do this on the same server or different server. 
Backup   Export  then  Install  9i and import is a clean and safe method. 
Did the Document URL  I send help you. 
Good Luck. 
Nisar Tareen 

RAMA KORADA <RKORAD@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Thanks for the info.
My database in 40 GB, currently iam performing upgrade in test database i can 
have as much downtime as i can,  some time in Dec  i need to do same in 
what would be the better option.

>>> ntareen@xxxxxxxxx 11/22/05 10:52 AM >>>

First thing how big is your  Database ?
HOw much down time you can afford ?
Most easy effecient way,  
                          Create new Oracle 9i home and Database with the 
tablespaces as 
                                     your current 8i database. 
                           Full Export from 8i and  Full importl into  9i. 
Followin g document can help you. 
Nisar Tareen 

RAMA KORADA <RKORAD@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
DB_BLOCK_SIZE is 8K, can not reduce that.
do u have simple steps for upgrade manually.
like setting oracle_home to 9i and run upgradeXXX.sql
>>> ntareen@xxxxxxxxx 11/21/05 9:42 PM >>>

First. Lets  look at the explanation to ORA-000064 error  dose it make sense.  
  ORA-00064: object is too large to allocate on this O/S num, numCause: The 
initialization parameter DB_BLOCK_SIZE is set to a value that calls for more 
contiguous space than can be allocated on the operating system being used. 
Action: Reduce the value of DB_BLOCK_SIZE so that the requested contiguous 
space is within the capacity of the operating system.
Secondly.  Check the alert log and it will help you in understanding the 
sequence of events as they occured and  after the error what happen did the 
database shutdown or crashed  etc. 
Fix the DB_BLOCK_SIZE and d o the investigation of the cause of error and 
restart the process. 
Finally.  I hope you have a good backup  cold and export of your 8.1.7  
database, before you had started your upgrade project.  If not still not lost 
much take backup FIRST. 
Good Luck. 
Nisar tareen 

RAMA KORADA <RKORAD@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Installed 9207 and currently upgrading DB 8174 to 9207 using DBUA during 
upgrade iam getting ORA-1034, I got ORA-00064 i ignored it and iam gett ing 
database 8174 was up before i stared database upgrade us ing DBUA.
Please throw some light on this, ur help is greatly appreciated.

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