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Assuming a 1-to-1 relationship, I would think you would want

UPDATE profile_customers profile_cust
   SET sp_type_cd =3D (SELECT sp_type_cd
                       FROM profile_sp_type_cd profile_cd
                      WHERE profile_cust.sp_type_cd =3D

This will update every row in profile_customers, updating the column to
NULL if there is no matching row in profile_sp_type_cd.  If you only
want to update profile_customer rows when there is a match, you can add
a WHERE EXISTS clause to the UPDATE statement.

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Hi Friends,=20

I wanna update values of SP_TYPE_CD in PROFILE_CUSTOMERS which has a
VALUES and I wanna put the SP_TYPE_CD from PROFILE_SP_TYPE_CD.

PROFILE_SP_TYPE_CD  is a master table and PROFILE_CUSTOMERS is a child

I have written the following query.

update profile_customers  set SP_TYPE_CD =3D =

where profile_customers.sp_type_cd =3D profile_sp_type_cd.sp_type_name;

I don wanna run seperate queries for each row in PROFILE_SP_TYPE_CD.
Cause my PROFILE_CUSTOMERS have more than 50000 records and this will
be the pump running every nite.

Can I update that in a single SQL Statement?

 - Chiku

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