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Its quiet critical point for a successfull creation of Standby

> U need to take the backup ahead of creating the standby control file

> This would make sure that your standby control file is not having a older
SCN then what the dbfs are having currently

> Go th'h this quick setup guide which meant for 9i

Ø How is a standby database created ?

1) Create a backup (hot or cold) of the Primary database


2) Create a standby controlfile on the primary.

SVRMGR> alter database create standby controlfile as


3) Copy the datafiles, standby controlfile, and configuration files from

the primary to the standby host.

4) Edit the Primary "init.ora" file. Standby database-specific

parameters include:

# This example specifies a local archiving destination and enables the

# destination.



# This example specifies net service name "standby1", makes archiving



5) Edit the Standby "init.ora" file. Standby database-specific

parameters include:

# The init.ora values for the standby database, which is on

# remote host.

STANDBY_ARCHIVE_DEST = /oracle/standby/arc/

This parameter defines the standby database destination for the

archive logs to be propogated from the Primary.

5) Start the standby instance and mount the standby database:

SVRMGR> startup nomount

SVRMGR> alter database mount standby database;

Ø The standby database is now ready to be rolled forward.

Ø Recovering the standby database:

SVRMGR> recover standby database;

¨ Simply apply logs as they arrive on the standby host.

With the new remote archival feature, archive logs can be

automatically applied on the remote (standby) host.

¨ To fully automate the process of recovering (rolling forward) the standby
database, the DBA can put the database into sustained recovery mode

SVRMGR> recover managed standby database disconnect from session;

In order to cancel a sustained recovery session, from another server manager
session issue the following command:

SVRMGR> alter database recover managed standby database cancel;

Ø Opening the standby database:

¨ Another significant new feature of Oracle8i standby databases is the

ability to open the standby read-only.

SVRMGR> alter database open read only;

¨ Of course, the standby database can be opened read write but will need to
be activated.

SVRMGR> alter database activate standby;



Ankur Shah

Oracle DBA


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> Hi DBAs,
> In creating a standby database, do you need to backup the control file to
> standby at the same time you backup the database?  I think the answer is
> yes, but I wanted to make sure.
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