[askdba] Re: Seeking Advice.

  • From: Subodh Deshpande <subodh_deshpande@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 3 Mar 2009 01:11:40 -0800 (PST)

Nisar, Can not belive and ofcourse surprised with a happiness that we have 23 
yr old dba too :)

yes Vinod what Nisar is saying not involve in politics is absolutely true, do 
not eantertain any sor of politics at work place.politics and team management 
are very very different things, a good managerial skill gives more 
opporitunites and empowers and enriches team in a positive way in achiveing 
goals. Very badly in todays world, in sugar coated words, politics at work 
place is some what nearly equal to 'professional management' or 'skill of 
crises of management'. I discourage both the words cause management is always 
professional so professional I do not understand and 'crises' a good team 
leader is first a good team member and if he/she is good he/she will not allow 
any sort of dirty games at the work place and this is why there will not be 
crises or disputes.

About the attitudes of dbas many of the dbas reason for not keeping 
documentation (list of atleast day today activities of each server) and what 
is the problem history or when it was past crash such questions asked they 
gives henky fanky answers, where as some of dbas do keep documentation as a 
mechanical process with out understanding the need and very rarely you will 
find that few could understand the documentation is one of the 'deliverable' 
the important measurement of billing, other wise you will not be able to show 
customer what exactly the resource was doing at the workplace.

I think these are the few things you should remember apart from the technical 
skills you have :)

thanks and take care..subodh

From: Nisar Tareen <ntareen@xxxxxxxxx>
To: askdba@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Tuesday, 3 March, 2009 0:31:01
Subject: [askdba] Re: Seeking Advice.


Courses are good for your knowledge but only thing works good is your 
experience in Production env. 90% on the time you will have no time to refer 
the manuals. Every mistake has a big cost. 

Have a better and good knowledge of the Application, that will be a Plus, 
that's the way you can communicate with the Application teamand highlight the 
issues in effective manner. 

Certification of your environment will be a Plus. Don't get envolved in the 
Politics,  DBA can have lot  fun from all the sides,  Application, Management, 
Network and operation team, tuff to get the trust of all , but once you have it 
in you, you will enjoy every moment,   I can say this after practicing as DBA  
over 23 years. (must be correct). 

Good Luck. 

Nisar Tareen 

From: Vinod Gopinath BMMI IT <vinodg@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: askdba@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Sunday, March 1, 2009 4:39:02 AM
Subject: [askdba] Seeking Advice.

I want to move from DBA to Production Support Management. This I suppose would 
be big leap for me as I feel this is a major stepping stone into Senior 
Management Category.
Can some tell me what sort of courses/knowledge I should attain to reach that 
All comments are welcome


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