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Hi Chirag

U dont need to copy Online Redo log files when u are doing hot backup

many reasons not to do that since :-

1)      In case of recovery u need current online redo log at a point in time =
and not redo logs of past.=20
2)      If u backup online redo log, chances are very high that u will over =
write the current redo logs and this making complete recovery =
3)      Also ur online redo logs will be archived anyways and it can be used =
to roll things forward.

Now u tell me, if u backup online redo logs and use the same in recovery =
scenario. How is it going to be complete recovery till current point in =

Let me know if it is still not clear to u.

Irfan Khan

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I just appeared in an interview.=20

When I was asked which filese I will copy for hot backup, I said redo =

Cause I think they can help us always to recover database upto point of =

I was pulled a lot, but my only question that if not redo then how
will you recover yr DB upto point of failure, stopped the arguements.

M I true in this case? I have done expoerts in hot backups in
production database.

Can anyone clear my doubts? If u copy couple datafiles in hotback with
begin backup, n yr DB crashes... what will happen? Assume that an
archive log file is generated every 30 minutes and my DB crashed after
15 minutes of Last Archive file generated.

Can I go without REDO Log File ???

 - Chirag

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