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First, I assume we are talking about range-partitioned tables here, not
hash or list partitioned tables...

Do you have a standard naming convention for partitions in a range
partitioned table?  If so, you could get the partition name from
dba_tab_partitions by looking for the right partition_name.

In 9i, you can use the dbms_metadata package to extract the DDL for an
object and parse that DDL for the current partition.

If you do an explain plan on a query that would access current month
data, you could probably also extract the partition name from the

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Hi ,

            I have lots of partitioned tables in my schema , the
requirement is to identify the current partition of the table.

Let me explain this with an eg.

Lets say I have a table T , with 24 partitions .. starting for Jan -04
to Dec-05. Now , my current partition is Dec-04.

How can I achieve this by querying the data dictionary ?


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