[askdba] Re: How to see different TOPs of apps in windows

  • From: "Radoulov, Dimitre" <cichomitiko@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <askdba@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2006 11:54:37 +0100

1) How do I determine axact version of my oracle Apps Instance

SELECT substr(a.application_short_name, 1, 5) code, substr(t.application_name, 1, 50) application_name, p.product_version version FROM fnd_application a, fnd_application_tl t, fnd_product_installations p WHERE a.application_id = p.application_id AND a.application_id = t.application_id AND t.language = USERENV('LANG') /

2) How do I check and navigate among different TOPs in windows, cd %APPL_TOP% is not switching to the APPL_TOP

Set the %APPL_TOP% variable for your env(My Computer->Properties->Advanced->Environment Variables->New User(or System) Variable) and then source your APPSORA.env file %APPL_TOP%(MKS Toolkit is required(check the install guide) so you can set the env in *nix like mode).

3) I want to install one more language to the existing instance, will the cold backup and then the language drive with adpatch will suffice

Check the manual: Oracle Applications Maintenance Procedures -> Registering Additional Applications Components -> Registering Languages.


Regards, Dimitre

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