[askdba] Re: How is everyone doing ?

  • From: Nisar Tareen <ntareen@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: askdba@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2004 12:14:34 -0800 (PST)

Good luck and congratulation. Every one has this dream to go back home.  It is 
easy to leave home and travel aboard for studies and work but  to return back 
home is not so easy journey for many. 
You are called Desi in  North America  and  called American when you will be 
back home. 
Hope you will find peace and success.
If you are out of country as I am than I hope many on the forum can still have 
hard to listen to that old time song...  That  was not an email era. Phone 
calls use to cost fortune. 
                      Chiti Aie ha , Bara dino ka Baad Watan sa Chiti Aie ha, 
                                          Hum Ba- watno ku watan ki mitti Aie 
                                Ghar main Nikla Hoo Ga Chand  aur hum Perdes 
                                  Kaisa hu ga Chand......
Nisar Tareen 
Happy holiday and Happy new year.  
Rajesh Puneyani <rajpuneyani@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hey guys,

It really looks like a holiday season on this forum as not much
activity is happening here.

Well, Let me share a good news with you guys - I was in India last
month and as part of Job Hunting, I have been offered a LEAD DBA
Position with WIPRO Technologies in Bangalore, India.

So I would be leaving USA in 3 weeks and hope to start a new life in
India after spending around 7 years here. I will continue to be a part
of this forum.

Thanks and Have a happy holiday season.

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