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Hi Regis,
Thanks Regis..! Sorry, I think I missed your mail..! Thanks for all/any others 
whom I've missed in my list.! It was not intentional..! I subscribed to askdba 
after a very long time..earlier I was there in Lazydba..so many are known(thru 
email) to me ..and from others problems..I learnt more..and even for few 
questions..I used to respond..Pls show me the right direction if I was wrong in 
any of my emails..!
Regis I like your way of approaching the problems..and in fact in this group 
I've learnt a lot..as am new to this DBA field. I cant name..but there are many 
persons..who give really good input for me.
I've few questions..these are generic..which I faced during my interviews..!
[] What's the difference between normal DB(Client Server) and VLDB, which all 
we need to take care as part of DBA responsibility..? Similarly for Client 
server DB vs Datawarehousing DB.
[] If a user has just logged in and logged out without doing any transaction, 
can we come to know from any of the data dictionary views?, I know that using 
v$session I can see the currently logged on users.
Am looking for DBA Interview questions..unable to find a good one..if you know 
any such..pls forward to me..!

Regis Biassala <Regis.Biassala@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Thanks Ganesh and Patricia..what about me ????

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Thanks Ganesh & Patricia. Caught on some other problem, so couldn;t respond
to you immediately!

Patricia Eyenga 
Adding a partition does not invalidate the index, though... Only =
that drop partitions with data (in versions pre-9i) will invalidate a =
index. (local indexes *should* not be invalidated by partition drops,
although we ran into a bug that made it so..)
You do not need to create a new global index when you add a new =

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It will help to know the DB Version.=20

From 9i I think there is a Way to Maintain Global Indexes as part of
Partition Maintenance.



On Mon, 13 Dec 2004 13:49:16 -0800 (PST), Thiagoo 
> Hi All,
> One of my colleague is facing a problem..so need you advice.
> I'm having a table with few partitions with Global Index on it and for =

> the next year 2005, I need to add another partition and Global index , =

> what's the best way to do it?
> One way which strikes for me instantly is 'alter table add partition'=20
> and later to drop the index and create new global index..is there=20
> anyway to rebuild the index,without dropping the existing index?
> I will be doing in dev and later on prod. Each partition may have=20
> 3-4GB of data.
> Thanks!
> -Thiagu
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Thanks & Best Regards,



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