[askdba] Re: Database Link between different Oracle versions

  • From: "Pepling, Todd C." <tpepling@xxxxxxx>
  • To: "'askdba@xxxxxxxxxxxxx'" <askdba@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2004 10:23:06 -0500

Actually you can execute DDL over a DB link.  Here's an example for a db
link I named TODD:

SQL> exec dbms_utility.EXEC_DDL_STATEMENT@todd('create table toddtest1 as
select * from dba_users where 1=0');

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

Elapsed: 00:00:01.08
SQL> desc toddtest1
ORA-04043: object toddtest1 does not exist

SQL> desc toddtest1@todd
 Name                                                  Null?    Type
 ----------------------------------------------------- --------
 USERNAME                                              NOT NULL VARCHAR2(30)
 USER_ID                                               NOT NULL NUMBER
 PASSWORD                                                       VARCHAR2(30)
 ACCOUNT_STATUS                                        NOT NULL VARCHAR2(32)
 LOCK_DATE                                                      DATE
 EXPIRY_DATE                                                    DATE
 DEFAULT_TABLESPACE                                    NOT NULL VARCHAR2(30)
 TEMPORARY_TABLESPACE                                  NOT NULL VARCHAR2(30)
 CREATED                                               NOT NULL DATE
 PROFILE                                               NOT NULL VARCHAR2(30)
 INITIAL_RSRC_CONSUMER_GROUP                                    VARCHAR2(30)


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> Kurt, 
> The links dose not effect the structures of  database,  they 
> only help you to view / update or retrive the data and the 
> security issue is the user's responsibilty, So the links 
> should be safe and add on help for a   hetrogenious  database 
> environment. 
> Nisar Tareen 
> Kurt McKeown <kurt_mckeown@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Can anybody tell me if it is generally save to use
> database links between different versions of Oracle,
> e.g. between and or between
> and 
> I couldn't find an official statement about that
> aspect in the Oracle documentation.
> Thanks,
> Kurt
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