[askdba] Re: Database Clone error -- advice for an Oracle Newbie

  • From: Chirag DBA <chiragdba@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Mladen Gogala <gogala@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2005 15:01:34 -0400

Well, well, well..., the whole mail didn answer my Question. But Please 
 We have a requirement of a SENIOR DBA, permanent position and I am taking 
 I am taking interview of guys having 10 -12 yrs experience guys and asking 
125,000 salary. 
 Believe me those are not 10,000 salary p.a. eligible guys. I am surprised 
to know that 10 -12 yrs guys knows this which is quite less then a guy like 
me having 3 yrs of experience.
 One of the lady having 9 yrs of experience working in an MNC, I asked her 
what will be yr approach when user will come to you saying DB is slow, 
operations getting hanged??? 
 She replied me, " I WILL RESTART THE DATABASE." 
 Our previous DBA having 10 yrs of experience was taking COLDBACKUP of the 
database (ON SOLARIS) with Database up and running. And management came to 
know this when they were looking for serious recoveries. Management 
immediately kicked him out and he found another job in 2 weeks as a DBA.
 One guy I asked how will you make sure that all yr transaction will log go 
to the standby database. I mean how will you make all logs compulsory of the 
user to keep the standby sync. He told me that he has created and setup the 
Standby database with Dataguard.
 He said, " How can u do that...?, U cant expect the behaviour of User."
 I don wanna start a new thread here, or not pointing to anybody but just to 
say that, 
Yr knowledge depends on From which environment you came. I am in an 
environment where I have to make all the setup here, while previously in 
SUN, Everything was ready.
 NEWBIES will not remain the newbies for long. 
 BTW, I have solved the problem and my DB is up and running now. I just 
copied the redolog file to the location it is asking and changed the name to 
the one it is asking ARC00047.001.
 But still curious to know that why it asking for the archive log file even 
though my previous DB was in noarchive log mode. I used the cold backup with 
redolog files.
 Regards - 
 Chirag Majmundar
SQL> recover database using backup controlfile;
ORA-00279: change 2982738 generated at 09/18/2005 13:55:21 needed for thread 
ORA-00289: suggestion : D:\ORACLE\ORA92\RDBMS\ARC00047.001
ORA-00280: change 2982738 for thread 1 is in sequence #47

Specify log: {<RET>=suggested | filename | AUTO | CANCEL}

Log applied.
Media recovery complete.
SQL> alter database open;
alter database open
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-01589: must use RESETLOGS or NORESETLOGS option for database open

SQL> alter database open resetlogs;

Database altered.

SQL> conn chirag/chirag
SQL> select * from tab;

------------------------------ ------- ----------

6 rows selected.

SQL> select * from chirag;


On 9/18/05, Mladen Gogala <gogala@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
> On 09/18/2005 01:46:33 PM, Chirag DBA wrote:
> > But after that getting following error.
> > My original db was not in Archivelog mode still this DB asks for the
> > archive file. I have copied redo logs too.
> > Found on the net says CHECK THE ARCHIVE DESTINATION, but my primary db 
> was
> > not in archive log. Any Idea ???
> ............
> >
> > Control file created.
> >
> > ORA-00279: change 2974949 generated at 09/18/2005 12:34:04 needed for 
> thread
> > 1
> > ORA-00289: suggestion : D:\ORACLE\ORA92\RDBMS\ARC00047.001
> > ORA-00280: change 2974949 for thread 1 is in sequence #47
> >
> >
> > Specify log: {<RET>=suggested | filename | AUTO | CANCEL}
> >
> This is an example of the posts which convinced me that dispensing advice
> for newbies is not a smart thing to do. The advice for newbies in any
> kind of profession was given a long time ago. It reads "ora et labora".
> One needs to work and read and then work some more. The "ora" part is not
> as necessary as the "labora" part. If I ever gave an advice to a newbie 
> and
> he came back with a question like this one, I'd have to cover my face with 
> burka
> because I'd feel so ashamed that I would never want to show my face again. 
> I
> strongly advise against "introducing Oracle to newbies". If you have a 
> competent
> engineer, train him, if you have an incompetent, fire him. Good computer 
> engineer
> must be capable of reading documentation. Messing things up and then 
> asking not so
> bright questions is a sign of a hopeless soul who would be better off by 
> driving a
> taxi or giving opinions on te Fox News Network then working with Oracle 
> any trainee of mine ever asked a question like this,
> Lately, Oracle Corp. is stressing ease of use and its new mantra is the 
> one about the
> obsolescence not only of a DBA but any qualified technical professional. 
> The message reads
> like this: "It's easy, you don't have to know anything, just buy the stuff 
> and everything
> will work". Unfortunately, artificial intelligence still cannot replace 
> the one produced by
> the mother nature. Computers in a professional environments are not to be 
> managed by amateurs
> or chaos will ensue. Unfortunately, Oracle Corp. has contributed to such 
> situation as it has
> been dispensing OCP certificates to guys asking questions like this. 
> Therefore, the best advice
> I can dispense is still "close your eyes and think of England".
> --
> Mladen Gogala
> http://www.mgogala.com

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