[askdba] Re: Convert Physical Standby into a standalone functional database

  • From: "Ankur Shah" <ankur_ora@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2004 10:45:25 -0400

Its a max of a hour  job....

> Get the latest recovery th'h archive or what ever mode U are depending on
> Stop standby listener...this would make sure that no more archive from
Primary would come in
> Cancel managed recovery on Standby
> Shutdown Standby
> restart Standbu @ Mount Stage.
> Might open as READ ONLY to verify the latest data available on Standby
> Activate Standby
> Update Listener.ora/Tnsnames.ora on Standby and start the Listener for the
Standby...now a READ/WRITE Database
> Primary is never affected if U have not made your Standby Archive Location
as Mandatory
> U can now comment out the
log_archive_dest_2='SERVICE=STANDBY_CONNECT_STRING ' and other realted
   parameters for Standby services as log_archive_dest_state_2='ENABLE'
and/or log_archive_min_succeed_dest=1
> Get your new Primary's for full Backup ASAP and then STANDBY :)


First of the ASKDBA !

Cheers !

Ankur Shah
Oracle DBA

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Subject: [askdba] Convert Physical Standby into a standalone functional

> Hi Guys,
> I have a database configured to work as Physical standby (Oracle 9i,
> win2k). Now the requirement is that without affecting the Primary
> Production database, I need to convert Physical standby database into
> a functional database.
> I feel a bit nervous regarding what all parameters to change on both
> the databases to make it possible without bringing down Primary
> database.
> Can someone please help me in that.
> I appreciate.
> Thanks

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