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I'm assuming here that by replication you mean materialized views.  If
you are using Data Guard, Streams, or some other technology, the answer
may be slightly different.

With any network protocol, there is going to be a degree of overhead
above and beyond the payload of data that actually has to be
transferred.  The simplest way to measure that overhead, and to
determine how that overhead affects performance (different types of
overhead will affect different types of networks differently) would be
to do a test.  If you expect to replicate, say, 1,000,000 records a day,
set up a test where you replicate 10,000 records (1%), and see how long
that takes.  Repeat the test with 2%, 4%, 8%, etc. until you have an
appropriate degree of confidence about how long replicating the real
data will take and how much bandwidth will be consumed.

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Dear All,

We are replicating some objects from one site to another.

I would like to measure the time taken for the replication of data from
one location to another.

What is the simplest mesaurable method I should use.

From Avg Rec length and num of records I can get the data to be
transferred/replicated..and the network engineer does not agree with
this..he says its more than that..

can any ideas..

Good Luck..Subodh Deshpande

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