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Dear Colleagues
I am informed that some of you have trouble accessing the newsletter online - 
it seems that a superfluous dash was added automatically with some mailing 
lists. If you have a problem please try to type:
(NOT http://kdictionaries.com/kdn/kdn.pdf/)
Sorry for the inconvenience :(

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(please excuse cross-postings)

Kernerman DICTIONARY News
Number 22 * July 2014
Print      kdl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:kdl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

*         The European Network of e-Lexicography (ENeL) | Tanneke Schoonheim

*         Joint Symposia of JACET Society of English Lexicography and Kansai 
English Lexicography Circle | Shigeru Yamada

*         Multilingual Linked Open Data for Enterprises (MLODE 2014) | 
Sebastian Hellmann, Bettina Klimek

*         Claudia Xatara, Claudia Zavaglia, Rosa Maria da Silva (dirs.). 
Dicionário Multilíngue de Regência Verbal - Verbos preposicionados | Antonio 
Pamies Bertrán

*         KDNews 2014

*         Reverso Context: Redefining categories for dictionaries and language 
tools | Théo Hoffenberg

*         An introduction to iFinger and Clarify Language Service | Knut Haga

*         ASIALEX 2015, Hong Kong | Li Lan

*         KD Website


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