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  • From: Jack Halpern <jack@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 14 May 2012 19:26:44 +0900

Hello Everyone

The CJK Dictionary Institute in Japan is currently looking for a
lexicographer and/or editor to assist in the final proofreading 
and editing of a Chinese Learner's Dictionary. 

Ideally we are looking for native Chinese speaker with a near-
native command of English. While not ideal, we will consider 
the opposite (native English speaker with a good command 
of Chinese) as well. This would be a short-term position based 
in Japan, although we would consider the possibility of working 

The primary goal of the dictionary is to give the learner a thorough 
understanding of how Chinese characters (hanzi) are used in 
contemporary Chinese by providing access to information on the 
meanings, readings, and compounds for the most frequently used 
characters. The dictionary is based on my earlier work The 
Kodansha Kanji Learner’s Dictionary, which has become a 
standard reference work for learning Japanese kanji.

The CJK Dictionary Institute (http://www.cjk.org) specializes 
in the compilation of large-scale Chinese, Japanese, and 
Arabic lexical resources, and in the creation of learner's
dictionaries for both print and electronic platforms.

Please see the following .pdf for more detailed information 
about the dictionary: 


and this .pdf for information about the position:

Those interested in being considered for the opening should 
contact me directly at jack@xxxxxxxx for more specifics. 
Please attach your resume/CV with your email.

Kind regards,
Jack Halpern, CEO
The CJK Dictionary Institute, inc.

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