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  • From: Omri Kalinsky <omri@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: asi_xc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 25 Aug 2019 21:43:39 -0700

XCSkies agrees. Tue looks decent and Wed looks even better. Both days are showing cu over the Sierras by 11:00, and even fairly high at 14k-15k. It will just be a matter of braving the first 20 miles of blue to get there. I am seeing some late afternoon showers in the forecast for Wed here and there, but it looks manageable, probably just some small pockets of rain you could fly around. Thu looks a bit on the windy side to me too. Sure Brian, I'll fly with you Wed (assuming the towplane is back up).
Although Prather and I were wrong to worry about the smoke from the Petersen Mtn. fire today, apparently we weren't wrong to derig with blue crapping out again. So far, it doesn't look like anybody flew in Truckee or Minden either. BTW, I finally posted my flight from yesterday on OLC.

Thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery for the blue towplane :-)

On 8/25/19 12:32 PM, Brian S. wrote:

It looks like mid week for the tropical air mass to reach us. Both SkySight and the RASP show Tuesday, Wed and Thursday to be pretty good. Tuesday it looks like light winds and most Cumulus over the Sierras. Wed may be the best day. Thursday it may get a little on the Windy side.

What do you see on XC skies Omri ?

If any one wants to fly Wednesday let me know so we can get the tow pilot request put in.

Tuesday looks to be the second best day to me if we can just get to the Verdi ridge.

Fly Safe,Brian

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