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Chapter Regional Conference (CRC)
The London Chapter belongs to Region II which will be having its annual conference in Windsor on Aug 21 to Aug 23.  At the conference, the 9 chapters from Eastern Canada meet to discuss what each chapter has done for their members over the past year and what is planned for the upcoming year.  The Chapter Delegates can being forward recommendations for awards and names for Regional and Society positions.  It also allows Chapters to forward comments, ideas and suggestions to Society that may help in provide better services to its members.  If you have any comments or suggestions, please ensure to forward them to Eric Shaw <eshaw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> or Jason Vandenberge <jasonv@xxxxxxxxxxx> who are the London Chapter Delegate and Alternates for the 2009 CRC.

ASHRAE Research
The London chapter was able to raise $11,476 for Research Promotion over the past season.  More information shall be within a future newsletter.  For the second year in a row, ASHRAE Research Promotion has raised over $2 million in total.

Future Meetings
The Board of Governors has had a few meetings over the summer to discuss the meetings and topics that might be of interest for the upcoming year.  If there is a speaker or area of interest that you would like to see presented, please be sure to forward your ideas to an executive member.

Be sure to mark your calender with these meeting dates - future newsletters shall contain additional information
        Mon Sept 28
        Mon Oct 26
        Mon Nov 30
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