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ASHRAE London - Sept 26/2011 Newsletter
see web site for full newsletter:   http://londoncanada.ashraechapters.org/

Mon Sept 26/2011 - ASHRAE LONDON - Season Kickoff
9 Hole Golf & Dinner
Location:  Greenhills Gold and County Club
Mon Sept 26/2011
2:00pm Social      3:00 to 4:00 Golf Tee-Off     6:00pm Dinner
Golf & Diner: $80/person.  $40 golf for meal plan members
Dinner Only:  $45.00 London Chapter member
        $150.00 for meal plan

Registration:  see web site for form    http://londoncanada.ashraechapters.org/
or contact:
        ASHRAE London
        c/o Jamie Kruspel
        3680 Wellington St, 12th Floor
        London, ON

For questions, please contact
        Jamie Kruspel; 519.200.2197;   Jamie.kruspel@xxxxxx

Proceeds to support ASHRAE London Research Promotion and the ASHRAE Region II CRC in London 2014

See you at the golf tournament.
Other upcoming meeting dates:
        Mon Oct 24/2011
        Mon Nov 21/2011
        Dec /2011 - Social Event
        Mon Jan 30/2012
        Mon Feb 27/2012
        Mon Mar 26/2012
        April 19/2012 - Society Technical webinar
        April 30/2012 - tour
        Mon June 4/2012 - golf

see web site for full newsletter:   http://londoncanada.ashraechapters.org/
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