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Here are the class descs that Mehand, Norak, Nuero and myself 
put together last night. This is an important, and almost last step 
before we can start re-coding the classes, so I'd like everyone to 
look over them and offer critques if you have any. Please respond 


Warrior: Warriors are the epitome of fighters, able to use all 
weaponry and armour in the exercise of their most lethal of 
combat skills.  A warrior must be strong in body to survive his 
dangerous lifestyle, and though he has no magic and limited 
skills he is nevertheless a formidable force with which to be 
reckoned.  Warriors learn no magic, and have no use for mana.

Mage: A mage is one of the weakest classes when it comes to 
body, but the mage is a being of pure magic.  Their minds are 
by far the sharpest, retaining the knowledge of some of the 
worlds most powerful spells.  When one begins as a mage the 
body is weak.  As they grow in knowledge, experience and 
power.  They will become a powerful fighting force.  Armed 
with an arsenal of various spells, with the main focus in 
combat spells.  Their vast repertoire of spells makes them a 
sought after commodity in the Realms for their spells can 
mean victory or defeat for others. A mage has a choice of 
either using their powers for good or for evil.

Thief: The thief is a dark character which makes use of many 
skills often deemed improper by the rest of society. The skills 
of the thief reflect his way of life, be it sneaking, peeking into 
others' inventories, picking locks, or attacking from behind 
with deadly backstabs. With amazing dexterity they have the 
ability to circle around an enemy, but for living such a dark 
life, thieves have always had a bad reputation so don't be 
surprised if you are always under suspicion. Thieves start off 
fairly weak, but as they gain skills such as backstab and circle 
they soon become dangerous foes.  A thief is always useful 
when there is  a lock that needs picked, or an item that one 
wishes to acquire without detection.

Priest: Priests devote their life to a specific god becoming their 
representatives upon the world. Many become healers, while 
others take the path of the warrior, and bring strong swords to 
defend their beliefs.  While priests possess some combat spells 
and magic to affect one's chances in battle, their main goal is 
self preservation.

Knight: Knights train for years to become experts in the 
fighting arts. Able to wield competently any weapon, and wear 
any type of armor, these men and women are a dangerous foe 
to fight.

Swordsman: The art of the sword is taken up by many, but 
few can master it as well as the swordsmen. Swordsmen rely 
on their speed and technique rather than the pure 
strength of the knight class. The training of a swordsmen 
involves practice and dedication to the art of fencing. Masters 
of many sword techniques ranging from blocking to attacking, 
members of this class are a force to be reckoned with.

Ranger: Warriors with a special affinity for the wilds, these 
men and women have studied the arts of tracking and 
woodlore. Able to survive for long periods alone, and away 
from cities, their skills are useful for any group of travelers. 

Cleric: After studying his religions ancient texts and writings, 
the cleric turns to a life of helpful service, using his  skills to 
help the sick and wounded. Often known as the best healers, it 
is a rare cleric that forsakes this tradition, and follows the dark 

Paladin: Having studied their religions=92 ways, these clergymen 
choose to take up the sword in defense of their holy beliefs 
and quests. Fierce warriors, their gods protect them with 
added spells during battle. Although rare, it is possible for 
these paladins to follow an evil god, one who molds them into 
a new creation, an anti-paladin. 

Druid: The druids live in harmony with nature, harvesting it=92s 
resources and using their knowledge to further enrich the land. 
Oftentimes hermits, they are not easily found, but when met, 
their skills with herbs, healing, and the forests can prove 
extremely beneficial. 

Elementalist: Controllers of the elements themselves, 
Elementalist make use of the realms of Air, Water, Earth, and 
Fire. Air holds the powers of the sky itself, users able to 
control the very winds. Water grants powers over the seas and 
rivers of the world, allowing the user to summon forth massive 
floods at will. With the powers of Earth the mighty mountains 
bow at the elementalist will providing with the protection and 
strength of stone. Finally, the powers of Fire allow the 
Elementalist to harness the most destructive force known to 
man. Elementalist, like all magic users, possess frail bodies but 
make up for it in terms of their magical prowess

Sorcerer: magical destruction is the goal of the sorcerer. A 
powerful mage that has dedicated his entire life to the art of 
destructive magics leaving no time to study more defensive 
magic, the sorcerer is well sought after by those seeking 
power. A dedicated spell caster, his body has been weakened 
from extreme magic usage making the sorcerer prefer the back 
lines in most cases.  Though not generally evil by nature, the 
sorcerer tends to be more of a self centered person who only 
seeks to further increase his already massive powers of magic.

Psicionist: Masters of their mind, these mages learn the 
powers that strong willpower and a gifted mental talent can 
provide. Able to send release their powers out into the world, 
it is not uncommon to see them unleashing a devastating 
mental barrage, or setting up defenses to protect against 
another psicionist. 

Shadow: Lurking in alleyways and side streets, these lurkers 
are a force one hopes to never see. Masters of the quick kill, 
every weapon is they carry is designed for one purpose- to 
swiftly eliminate their target, and getting away while never 
being noticed. 

Ninja: Perhaps the most agile among all the classes, the Ninja 
makes use of his extraordinary speed and agility to leave foes 
reeling before they realize what has happened to them. One of 
the few classes that can wield two swords at once, they make 
deadly usage of various ninja swords and their thrown 
weapons of choice, the shuriken. Though they may not be the 
most heavily defended class, their lightweight armor choices 
allow for even more speed to the point that a trained ninja 
doesn=92t have to worry about being injured in battle.

Rogue: All though many throughout the land have taken up 
the ways of the thief, few can claim to master it as much as the 
Rogues. Utilizing their heightened sense of stealth and 
trickery, they steal many rare treasures and pick locks that 
many would deem impossible. Their sneaking skills are top 
notch and make the ultimate spies and scouts. The problem 
with this lies in the fact that very few men would trust the 
rogues. Rogues commonly use small knives and daggers due 
to their preference to avoid combat all together, instead 
choosing to stay in the shadows where they feel more at home.

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