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  • From: me <azure_13@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2003 23:00:46 -0700 (PDT)

So...I sent this out before, but I'm not sure it went anywhere, so here it
is again.


Sorry for missing last night's meeting (i'm pretty sick right now, and
could not stay awake long enough to get online yesterday).  Anyway, I've
got some ideas about character creation.  I hope it's not too late for
y'all to mull them over.

For one thing, I've always thought it was kinda weird that in most
roleplaying games, you start off as this 17 year old adventurer with no
knowledge of the history of the world you've been supposed growning up in.

Here's a basic outline of what's in my head.

1. When a new character is created, they only pick out a name, race, and
gender at first.

2. Then, the charcter would go througha sort of "choose your own
adventure" sequence.  This could be room that were snapshots of different
times in the character's childhood.  Each room could somehow include in a
little piece of the world's common history and mythology (perhaps the
parents telling the char a short story, or whatnot).

3. The exits to each room would be a choice of what to do next.  Like, for
example, the char might have a choice between getting interesting in play
combat at an early age, or staying inside to read books.  The choices made
would directly affect the char's starting stats (no need to roll these, or
maybe only role to have a randomized base to add on to).  This also
encourages roleplaying from the beginning, since the player would have to
choose exits based on what their char would do.

4. At the end, you would have a 17 year old char, with some stats shaped
through "life experiences", who had a basic knowledge of the world.  At
this point, the char could be sent off to school to choose a class.  At
this point, they could learn about the various classes available, and how
well their stats match each class.  This way, the player still gets choose
which class they play and has the chance to make sure their stats match
that class without rerolling 8-zillion times (or having no stat input at
all, like in traditional smaug).

That's about it.  Again, sorry I wasn't able to be at the meeting last


--- Tom@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> ON the issue of the character creation screen, these are the 
> thoughts I've come up with ( don't be holding your breath... I 
> haven't thought of much).
> 1. Character Creation is the first impression of a mud.
> 2. It's normally boring.
> That would sum up prolly 90%+ of the muds around. So obviously 
> our goal should be to create on that isn't boring. With 4 class 
> choices, this may be hard. 
> The only idea I've looked at that I like is something Raz talked 
> about, which you can also find in the NES Ultima games ( at least, 
> Quest for the Avatar). A series of questions could be asked, and 
> depending on the answers, it would determine which of the four 
> classes you got to play. This takes the choice away from the player 
> though, so I am unsure about it.
> Otherwise, my only plea is to make it interseting and fun. I get off 
> work at 11 EST, so I'll be back around 11:10 and signed on.
> Ajapeu

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