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SEURAT-1 Stakeholder Event: 
September 5, 2013, Brussels, Belgium

A unique opportunity to learn about the latest achievements of the largest ever 
EU research initiative to develop non-animal methods for the safety assessment 
of chemicals

Engineering Functional 3-D Tissue Models: 

October 28-29, 2013, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Compared to traditional cell-based assay monolayers, three-dimensional (3-D) 
models more closely mimic native tissues. 3-D tissue models provide a means for 
systematic, repetitive and quantitative investigation of drugs, serving as 
platforms for screening of drugs as well as pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic 
analysis of drugs. That said, creating the more biologically relevant third 
dimension of tissue models requires a multidisciplinary approach and 
multidisciplinary expertise. Cambridge Healthtech Institute'sSecond Annual 
Engineering Functional 3-D Tissue Models meeting weaves together engineers, 
biologists and pharmacologists. As with any model, each specialty provides 
insights into the complete system advancing drug discovery and development, 
from designing the bioreactors, to engineering the 3-D models, to studying 
healthy versus diseased states, to utilizing drug screening assays.

Screening and Functional Analysis of 3-D Models: 
October 29-30, 2013, Cambridge, Massachusetts

While more informative than cell-free biochemical assays, monolayer or 
suspension cell culture HTS assays still fail to accurately reflect the human 
cellular microenvironment. There is a need for physiologically-relevant 
cellular models for drug screening and functional analysis that provide high 
predictive value for clinical efficacy and safety of compounds. The 
three-dimensional cell culture models mimic the human tissue microenvironment 
and provide more accurate information for compound and target selection, 
thereby reducing late-stage attrition. Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 
Inaugural Screening and Functional Analysis of 3-D Models meeting will explore 
the use of 3-D models to profile compound action and predict toxicity and 
efficacy. The meeting will cover assay development using 3-D cellular models, 
high-content analysis and imaging of 3-D models, and applications of screening 
3-D models for compound profiling and target discovery/validation.

Kristie Sullivan
Secretary, ASCCT

Kristie Sullivan
Secretary, ASCCT

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