[ascct] NC3Rs 2013 CRACK IT Challenges Launch event 5 September 2013

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Dear Colleagues:

The NC3Rs public-private partnership "CRACK IT Challenges" for the upcoming 
year have been announced. There will be a launch and networking event on the 
5th of September.

The awards are open to non-UK-based applicants but the project leader must be 
UK-based. Each of the challenges offers up to 1 Million GBP, so if you have 
collaborators in the UK you may wish to put an application together.

Questions can be directed to 

Kristie Sullivan
Secretary, ASCCT

We are pleased to announce this year’s NC3Rs CRACK IT Challenges 2013 launch 
event will take place on 5 September in Central London.

CRACK IT Challenges is a research competition to solve scientific and business 
problems identified by the bioscience sector. The Challenges are designed to 
reduce the reliance on animal models and/or improve animal welfare and lead to 
the development of marketable products. The competition is run with the SBRI 
and Challenges are sponsored by companies who provide in-kind contributions 
such as data, validation and expertise.

This year’s competition includes five Challenges, involving seven sponsors:

§  UnTangle: Development of an iPSC cell neuronal network platform to assay tau 
spread and pathology for Alzheimer’s Disease drug development.

§  InPulse: iPSC cardiomyocyte platform to assess drug-induced contractility 

§  Inhalation Translation: Development of an approach to non-invasively assess 
inflammation and adverse events in rodent models of respiratory disease.

§  NephroTube: Development of a multi-compartmental, microfluidic tissue model 
of tubular injury in assays of nephrotoxicity.

§  Virtual Lab: Use of virtual information and tools to enhance disease 
modelling and new target development.

Each of these Challenges offers up to one million GBP funding and a research 
contract for up to three years. The Challenge briefs will be available on the 
CRACK IT and SBRI website from 1 August 2013.

The launch event is free to attend but registration is essential. You must 
first register on the CRACK IT 
 and then for the event itself. Event registration will open at the beginning 
of August.

The programme for the event includes:

§  Challenge-specific surgeries where participants can meet the sponsors and 
discuss the Challenges in detail

§  Networking sessions around Challenge zones providing an opportunity to 
identify new collaborators to help solve the Challenges

§  A case study of the CRACK IT Challenges experience from a winner of one of 
the 2011 CRACK IT Challenges

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