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Some of you might be interested in this webinar:




In recognition of dynamic technological advances in various arenas of 
toxicology testing in the 21st century, ASIO-SOT is hosting a series of 
Tox-webinars. The goal is to educate students, post-docs and fellow 
toxicologists with novel, cutting edge research technologies, and to foster 
interaction and collaboration between scientists within the community. This 
webinar is open to all, so please feel free to share the information with any 
interested scientists.

Hereby, we proudly announce the first of this webinar series.


Webinar Topic:            “Omics” Applications in Drug Discovery and Development

Speaker:                     Dr. Shashi K Ramaiah, DVM, PhD, DACVP, DABT

Translational Biomarker Head, Drug Safety Research and Development,

Pfizer-Biotherapeutics, Cambridge, MA

Date:                           Friday, Dec 13th

Time:                           12:00 - 1:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, USA 

[International attendees please convert your local time accordingly]

Registration:                First come-first serve:



The webinar will address the application of “omics” approaches as biomarker 
tools in drug discovery and development. Understanding transcription (mRNA, 
miRNA), translation (and its modifications) and the metabolites are fundamental 
to interrogate the mechanistic pharmacology and toxicity of complex human 
disease. The insights lend itself to the development of biomarker signatures to 
understand the mechanism of action of a drug and its efficacy, patient 
enrichment and stratification in clinical trials. Hence, biomarker platforms 
and technologies have evolved to provide practical applications as well as less 
resource-intensive approaches.

Dr. Shashi Ramaiah (http://toxchange.toxicology.org/p/us/sn/uid=3856) is an 
expert in the field of biomarker technologies and is currently serving as the 
head of Translational Biomarkers at Pfizer Biotherapeutics in Cambridge, MA. He 
is a board certified clinical Pathologist (DACVP) and toxicologist (DABT). He 
has published more than 50 peer-reviewed journal articles, manuscripts and book 
chapters. Dr. Ramaiah is currently responsible for scientific leadership, 
supervision of laboratory operations and development of translational 
pharmacology and safety biomarker strategies to support projects across 
different therapeutic areas and modalities in Pfizer-Biotherapeutics portfolio.

Kristie Sullivan
Secretary, ASCCT

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