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ChemView, EPA’s web tool for information on chemicals, now contains information
on over 12,000 chemicals. Since the launch of ChemView in 2013, EPA has been
working to add new types of data, increase the amount of information, and
improve the usability of this web tool. Below are details on the variety of
additional information EPA has recently added and how EPA has improved the
functionality of ChemView.

* Exporters and receiving countries now have access to information on
chemicals subject to TSCA’s export notice requirements under Section 12(b) in
ChemView. The web tool contains the list of Section 12(b) chemicals and links
to the Federal Register notices for additional information about actions
triggering the export notice requirement.

* ChemView users can now easily search and find key information on TSCA
chemicals that is housed in other federal agencies, including the National
Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, and the Occupational Safety
and Health Administration. This improved functionality and access enables users
to search multiple federal chemical databases at once.

* ChemView has now begun including expanded summary information on
substantial risk notification data submissions received under TSCA Section
8(e), making this important health and safety information more easily
accessible to researchers and the public.

ChemView continues to add content and now includes:

Data submitted to EPA:
Test data for 178 chemicals subject to TSCA Section 4 test rules. EPA test
rules require industry to develop health and safety data to help EPA scientists
and others to better understand potential health and environmental effects
associated with exposure to chemicals.
ChemView also contains TSCA Section 8(e) substantial risk notices for 2,400
chemicals, including 600 submissions with detailed summaries. TSCA Section 8(d)
health and safety studies for 140 chemicals, and High Production Volume
Information System submissions for 1,513 chemicals.
* EPA Assessments:

* The Safer Chemical Ingredients List (SCIL), developed under the Safer
Choice program, now contains information on 659 chemicals.
* ChemView also contains hazard characterizations for 1,018 chemicals,
Integrated Risk Information System assessments for 546 chemicals, and
alternative assessments for 48 chemicals.
* EPA Actions:

* Significant New Use Rules (SNURs) for over 1,900 chemicals, covering
new and existing chemical SNURs issued since 2000. SNURs require notification
to EPA for any significant new uses of the chemical(s) identified in the SNUR
and allow for EPA review prior to the start or resumption of new uses.
* Consent orders for 245 chemicals are also available in ChemView.

The Toxics Release Inventory and Chemical Data Reporting information is also
easily accessed through ChemView.

ChemView is providing improved access to useful information on TSCA chemicals
so that people are more informed and able to make safer chemical choices about
the chemicals they formulate and use.

To access ChemView, please visit

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