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  • Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2012 22:27:35 -0400

Response requested by Oct. 26
Dear ASCCT members:
I am pleased to send you the nominations for new members of the Board of 
Directors. In-person voting was held at the ASCCT annual meeting in Bethesda 
September 21. In order to give members who could not attend the meeting a 
chance to participate, we are offering an online survey.


The survey can be accessed here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LX2JJZN.

There are seven seats on the Board, including 3 Officers. Voting for an 
officer's position (a "yes" vote) means that you accept their position on the 
Board as well. The Board members who propose to retain their seats include:

Rodger Current, IIVS (President)
Erin Hill, IIVS (Treasurer)
Kristie Sullivan, PCRM (Secretary)
Thomas Hartung, Johns Hopkins University

Three people submitted self-nominations for the Board before the annual meeting:

Marilyn Aardema, Marilyn Aardema Consulting, LLC
John "Jack" R. Fowle III, consultant, retired US EPA
Mariana Gaça, British American Tobacco

One person was a write-in candidate at the annual meeting:

George deGeorge, MB Research

[All affiliations provided for identification purposes only.]
Short statements of experience and intent for each candidate are provided below.
We would like to propose to re-hold the Business meeting in an online meeting 
format, to allow members who did not travel to the annual meeting a chance to 
learn about the Society's efforts, activities, and status. The results of the 
election will be announced at this meeting and by email afterwards.
We propose to hold this business meeting Nov. 2 at 2:00 pm Eastern Time. A link 
to the event will be sent out shortly.
Please respond to this email with any questions, and read further for candidate 
Marilyn Aardema

Marilyn’s experience is consistent with ASCCT’s mission of developing 
approaches to improve toxicology testing while addressing the 3Rs and makes her 
well suited for helping ASCCT accomplish its goals.  Marilyn is a globally 
recognized expert and leader in the field of genetic toxicology and alternative 
test development/validation.   She has extensive experience as a leader and 
participant of influential multi-disciplinary teams and global 
scientific/policy expert groups towards scientific acceptance of new methods 
with a focus on in vitro alternatives.  Recently, she was on the ECVAM 
Validation Management Team for cell transformation assays that have now 
progressed into OECD guideline development, she has led/participated in 
numerous IWGT (International Working Group on Genotoxicity Testing) groups to 
harmonize assays, testing strategies, guidelines; co-leader of previous 
ILSI-HESI Genotoxicity Toxicogenomics project; current member of ILSI-HESI 
Genotoxicity Steering Team; previous lead of COLIPA (now CosEU) cosmetic 
association project on development/validation of 3D skin genotoxicity assays; 
US OECD expert; participant in past ICH guideline development for 
pharmaceutical testing; member of past ECETOC task forces.

John “Jack” R. Fowle III

I’m committed to using my experience to advance ASCCT’s goal to promote 
toxicology testing and research reducing and replacing animals. I led the June 
2011 SAP review of the Pesticide Program’s Toxicity Testing in the 21st Century 
plans.  I co-chaired OECD’s VMG-NA developing internationally accepted 
non-animal methods for EDCs, and was EPA’s ICCVAM representative. I directed 
EPA’s Neurotoxicology Division, implementing programs to develop alternatives 
to animals, and managed the research program to support the use of QSAR and 
alternative animal tests. I was also Deputy Director of EPA’s Science Advisory 
Board, and Science Advisor to Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

Marianna Gaça
I am enthusiastic in advancing ASCCT’s goals promoting toxicology testing and 
research applying the 3Rs tenet. At British American Tobacco’s R&D Centre, I 
implemented and led various research programs developing in vitro models of 
tobacco-related diseases and exposure systems to help determine the 
toxicological and biological effects of cigarette smoke and for incorporation 
into a framework to evaluate product risk. I am now leading the establishment 
of international collaborations and partnerships with multi-disciplinary 
organisations to help strengthen the critical science base required for tobacco 
regulatory decision-making (as recently defined by the US FDA).  I have been an 
Executive Board member for the In Vitro Testing Industrial Platform (IVTIP) 
since 2008.

George DeGeorge
I am excited to have the opportunity to serve the ASCCT in advancing the 3R’s 
both in philosophy and in action.  My over 20 years experience is directly 
aligned with the goals of the society, having served as President of the In 
Vitro and Alternatives specialty section (IVAM-SS) of the national SOT, as well 
as being a member of IVTIP.  In the American College of Toxicology, I was 
Chairman for a Symposium entitled “In Vitro Toxicology Testing” and while on 
the Education Committee I also chaired a Continuing Education Course on “In 
Vitro and Alternative Toxicology Testing Methods”.  My other relevant 
activities have included EPA Advisory posts:  Expert Panel Member –“Ensuring 
Quality for In Vitro Tests” and –“The Up and Down Procedure for Acute Oral 
Toxicity” which helped finalize EPA Guidelines on this test.  And most 
recently, Expert Panel Member –“Scientific Applicability for Use of an 
Alternative Test Guideline for Dermal Sensitivity” which led to the final 
framing of the EPA Guidelines for the LLNA.  I was also appointed as a Member 
of the Scientific Advisory Committee on Alternative Toxicology Methods (SACATM 
to ICCVAM).  As Director of In Vitro Toxicology at MBRL I remain very active in 
the 3R’s field and our group has received 11 NIH SBIR research awards for the 
development of innovative In Vitro and Alternative tests.  I also serve as an 
Editor on the International Board for the journal ‘Toxicology In Vitro’.  I 
would like to use my experience and scientific network to help both grow ASCCT 
membership and expand its activities.

Kristie Sullivan, MPH
American Society for Cellular and Computational Toxicology

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