[artworks] sprites: old format vs new

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  • Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2009 10:30:22 +0100

i'm importing a scan that i want to trace (separate thread to come).  
Artworks 2.8 complains about new-format sprite with 256 colours or 
less, please import as old-format sprite.  stupid me tries every 
sprittish app i have.  WHAT will export in old format?

and what's the difference between old and new format anyway, and when 
did new format come in?  i must have been out at the loo for that bit 
of the movie.

i got round it by exporting from Paint as JPeg.  unfortunately all 
sorts of stray grey pixels show up in Artworks, what JPeg folk call 
artefacts (dictionary: "a product of human art or workmanship").  
doesn't matter in this case because i'm going to trace it then throw 
the scan away.

how do i convert a sprite from new format to old next time this 

what i have: RiscPC, OS 4.39, Paint 2.56, Artworks 2.82, David 
Pilling's !scan 1.24, ...

curious that Impression (1996) imports the new-format sprite but 
Artworks won't.

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