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  • Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2007 12:55:11 +0100

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          rickman@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Has anyone got a useful set of ArtWorks !Keystrokes setting that he is
> prepared to share?
> There seems to be plenty of scope to increase the number of actions
> that could be done by Keystroke or the Keystroke Executor.
> One of the actions I would like on a key combination is to switch AW
> back to 100% scale view. Very frequently I select the magnifier, drag
> round a small area, press space to return to previous tool, make a
> change and then want to return to 100%. It is a bit fiddly to have to
> select the magnifier and the select the small 100% button.

There are two useful keyboard shortcuts in ArtWorks that should make 
this request largely redundant: First of all, Ctrl-O switches back to 
the previous zoom level. From what you wrote I think that should do in 
this specific case.

Even better, Ctrl-Shift-I and Ctrl-Shift-O allow you to go forward and 
backward in the zoom settings you used most recently, some sort of 
undo/redo for zooming. Most of the time, that is far more useful than 
having a shortcut to switch to a fixed zoom level.

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