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  • From: charles <charles@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 12:09:41 GMT

Deliberately un-snipped:

>>>> The sprite I want to see in ArtWorks 2.61 (and see in !paint quite
>>>> clearly on the same machine/mode) tells me in the spritepool info that
>>>> it is 32bppCMYK, 644 x 647, 1666716 bytes and in billions of colours.
>>> That sounds unlikely. Iyonix !Paint cannot display CMYK sprites. Paint
>>> displays it as if it was an RGB sprite.
>>> So, if the sprite in question really is a CMYK sprite, then ArtWorks
>>> displays it correctly while Paint will not.
>> Sprite info from !paint says it is colours "D". Without mask or
>> palette.
> Colours "D"? Maybe that should give you a clue that Paint does not
> really understand the format of this sprite. Iyonix Paint does not
> understand CMYK sprites. Select Paint does, displays Colours "CMYK"
> and displays a black rectangle, too, just as ArtWorks.
>>> If you see it correctly in Paint then maybe the sprite really is a 16M
>>> colour RGB sprite that just happens to claim it is CMYK.
>>>> Dragging the sprite into !Artworks just gives me a black rectangle.
>>> So, maybe that is what it is?
>> No, it is a Leprosy Mission logo in white and two blues...
> Yes, that is what it would be if its sprite type field was set to 6
> (16M colours RGB), but unfortunately, it is set to 7 (CMYK).

Can this be editted? What with?

> In
> addition, the "K" components of all pixels contain &FF, i.e., 100%
> Black. So, ArtWorks is perfectly right in displaying a black
> rectangle.


> What program did you save the sprite from?

The original jpeg0 was dropped into !DPlngScan 1.23 and saved as a 

> A program that incorrectly interpreted the sprite data as 16M colour
> RGB (and ignored the non-zero values in the reserved bytes) would
> display a white and blue logo, but that would be entirely wrong.

So could I have loaded the received jpeg into what programme to save 
as a correctly typed sprite?

Or is this resolvable by opening the offending lpeg) on a non-RISC OS 
machine and saving it as a 16M RGB?

Thank you for all this support.

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