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>>> "Integral" (i.e. part of the line) for the new style
>> "Integral" is a great idea - very much to the point and probably
>> easier to understand than "coincident". Certainly my new favourite,
>> thanks Clive. We do not really need a name for the old style since I
>> want to do it as an option button, but it is good to have "extended"
>> in case it is needed.
>> Could anyone give me a Dutch expression for "integral"?
> How about "geintegreer" ?

Would that not be "geïntegreerd"? (note the dieresis and the d)
At least that is what I found in an online dictionary for 
"integrated", which, together with Hans's remark leads me to the 
question whether in English "integrated" would not be even more 
appropriate than "integral"?

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