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  • Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2012 18:57:15 +0100

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          Richard Ashbery <riscos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> As you are probably aware Artistic Lines is in the latest upgrade.
> Martin demonstrated this nifty new feature at the Wakefield show
> yesterday. I need ArtWorks to encompass as many art effects as possible
> since most of my work is art and geometric based so the introduction of
> Artistic lines is a plus point.

I agree, the tool should have been in the original artworks 1.
No fault of Martin who single handedly does a good job with limited 

> I felt AW was falling behind other commercial art packages in this respect.

I currently use both Xara Designer Pro 7 and Serif Draw 5 and while 
Artworks GUI and tools are very old by comparison, I do find Artworks 
is my first choice for editing/tracing. It is still lacking in some 
basic requirements.

> You can be sure that AW users influence what Martin adds to the package
> and I suspect implementation depends how high up the feature list it is.

How does that list work ? does the few who ask often get what they 
want? or is there a small straw poll and the easiest implemented?

Would it not be fair if you buy the upgrade you then get a vote for 
next implementation . Then the features with the most votes gets 
implemented in the next release. providing of course it is reasonably 

I have upgraded in the past just to keep Artworks going in the hope of 
something new I would find useful, despite not having a use for any of 
the new tools in that release and have not used to this day

Nick k

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