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  • Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2008 15:43:31 +0100

In article <202167c24f.martin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Martin Wuerthner
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> In message <4fc07d9e99kell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Kell
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> That is the official method for achieving what you want and I
> cannot see any problems here. If you set the page background to
> the correct colour it should blend perfectly into that colour even
> when saved with "Masked background". You need to remember though
> that you should use 256 colours and an optimized palette,
> otherwise, the GIF might not be able to render the required
> shades. If you use something like web safe colours, for instance
> (completely obsolete nowadays), then you limit the choice of
> colours and the light greys might well be replaced by white.

> If that method does not work, please let me see the file and the
> resulting GIF.

Works a treat Martin as I am sure Kell will find. The idea of using
InterGif/Paint just seemed incredibly complicated to get AW masked
text into a webpage with a grey background without anti-aliasing

The key is to set the correct Paper colour in Choices > Page setup.
The sample icon can still be used to obtain the background colour of
the webpage.



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