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> Can someone please remind me how to do something?

> I have a header in mid-blue which I want to display on a web page against
> a grey background.

Should be easy.

> Somehow I've managed to do this in the past, but I'm hanged if I can
> remember...

> I've created the header in text against a grey background (so that it
> anti-aliases into the grey).

Yes, presuming you have the "Background blending for text lines" 
option enabled for the document.

> Then I export the header as a GIF with transparency. However I am
> getting the background as grey, not transparent. If I leave the
> background as white (background page) and save with transparency, I
> get what is expected: the text with a transparent background. However
> when it is displayed in a web page with a grey background, there's an
> unsightly jagged edge where the text has anti-aliased to white.

Yes, that is to be expected.

> Setting the page colour to the background grey is better, but it's still
> not perfect: there are still some white pixels.

That is the official method for achieving what you want and I cannot 
see any problems here. If you set the page background to the correct 
colour it should blend perfectly into that colour even when saved with 
"Masked background". You need to remember though that you should use 
256 colours and an optimized palette, otherwise, the GIF might not be 
able to render the required shades. If you use something like web safe 
colours, for instance (completely obsolete nowadays), then you limit 
the choice of colours and the light greys might well be replaced by 

If that method does not work, please let me see the file and the 
resulting GIF.

> An idea would be to save it as a sprite and clear the white pixels,
> but then I find it difficult to convert it back to a GIF with
> transparency :-(

Even that should be quite easy using InterGIF.

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