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> Imagine drawing a thick straight line from A to B. That will produce a
> solid rectangle. Is there any easy way to trace the perimeter of that
> rectangle, thereby converting a line with two control points into a
> rectangle (surrounded by a thin line) with four control points? There have
> been several occasions when I wanted to start treating a thick line as a
> solid shape, and manually tracing over it is inaccurate and unwieldy for all
> but the simplest (and non-curved) shapes.

That kind of facility is usually called a "line profile". Xara Xtreme 
calls it "Convert line to shape". It is essential for vinyl cutting or 
related technologies that can only cope with filled shapes and not 
with stroked lines.

As you have found out, it can also be useful in other circumstances, 
e.g., when you want to apply a graduated fill or an outline to a thick 
line or when you want to use a line as a clipping path.

This feature has been suggested a few times already and it is on the 
list (with many dozens of others though).

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