Re: [artworks] Some bugs in ArtWorks

  • From: "Gillian Seed" <mrseed@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: artworks@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2006 14:18:39 +0200

> Then some other undocumented feature when using Artworks in a 16
> colour (16 grey levels works fine) mode. When you activate the
> transparency all colour in the document are not displayed correctly.
> Exporting to 16 colours with transparency works just fine.

Strange, here not. I said that ALL colours become wrong when you switch on the transparency option. I have put an example screenshot at this link, if your interested in it.

I cannot see anything wrong. Transparency works fine here in a 16
colour mode. The question is what you expect with only 16 colours
available - actually, only 8 non-grey colours. These colours do not
even span the colour cube so it is not possible to produce anything
like an accurate match even with extensive dithering.

Yes you're right I didn't expect nice colours at all but not that colours of objects without transparency are wrong too. That's why I called it an undocumented feature. My opinion is also that this problem is not important to get solved.

Sorry, but are these 16 colour issues not really academic? Of all
applications why would you want to use ArtWorks in a 16 colour mode?

Yes you're right again. I only did a test and found out these problems. Only the problems which makes Artworks unstable have some importance. I think we could end this discussion by now.

Dick Tanis.

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