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  • Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2006 01:28:42 +0200

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          "Gillian Seed" <mrseed@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Open Main menu. Go with to File>Export. Open Draw or Artworks EPS save
> box. Go back with pointer to main menu (keep menus open) and try to
> open the submenu Objects, Lines/shapes, View or Utilities. I then get
> the error: parent item index outside parent menu.

Yes, this is a well-known bug present in all versions of ArtWorks 2. 
Fortunately, it is completely harmless, so fixing it has never been a 

> Another thing only with Risc OS Adjust (4.39):
> When running Artworks, go back to a 16 colour (4 bits) mode or less
> and select the textline tool. Try to type in a text. I get that all
> characters are place upon each other. When I use a textarea I can't
> type any chars at all. Under RISC OS 4.02 everything works fine.

Yes, this is a known bug, too. It must be some change in Adjust that I 
have not yet been able to pinpoint. This problem will have to be 
fixed, but only because it causes other problems.

> Then some other undocumented feature when using Artworks in a 16
> colour (16 grey levels works fine) mode. When you activate the
> transparency all colour in the document are not displayed correctly.
> Exporting to 16 colours with transparency works just fine.

I cannot see anything wrong. Transparency works fine here in a 16 
colour mode. The question is what you expect with only 16 colours 
available - actually, only 8 non-grey colours. These colours do not 
even span the colour cube so it is not possible to produce anything 
like an accurate match even with extensive dithering. When you export 
in 16 colours, a more accurate colour mapping algorithm is used.

Sorry, but are these 16 colour issues not really academic? Of all 
applications why would you want to use ArtWorks in a 16 colour mode? 
Even having only 256 colours really stretches things quite a bit, in 
particular when using transparency, but ArtWorks does its best, but 
there is little use for ArtWorks in a 16 colour mode.

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