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> Getting some very peculiar results with Artworks 2.82 and the new 64k
> colour mode in RO 6.14. Colours come out wrong, and an attempt at a
> linear fill produces an array of parallel lines in different colours.
> Is this a known problem?

Yes, of course. Any application that renders directly to the screen 
(e.g., ArtWorks, Impression, PhotoDesk) will have to be upgraded to 
cope with the new colour depth. Neither ArtWorks nor the ArtWorks 
renderer module support 64k colour modes, so this not only affects 
ArtWorks itself but also ArtWorks files embedded in other applications 
(e.g., OvationPro). Finally, you cannot import 64k colour sprites into 
ArtWorks. 64k colour support may appear in a future version of 
ArtWorks but that has not been decided yet.

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