Re: [artworks] Problem with Fit text to curve

  • From: Richard Ashbery <riscos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: artworks@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 29 Dec 2015 14:49:31 +0000 (GMT)

In article <51362d3955.boase@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Bernard Boase
<b.boase@xxxxxxx> wrote:

I'm trying to Fit text to curve in AW 2.X2.00.

Under Iyonix RISC OS 5.22 it works fine.

But under ARMX6 RISC OS 5.23 (11-Oct-2015) it fails to work here.
The text becomes white, it is not fitted to the curve but its
start is moved to the start of the line, its shape remains linear,
the two elements are grouped. A dialogue box displays: "Internal
error: undefined instruction at &0010FB48".

Then attempting to Remove text from curve gives a dialogue box
displaying: "Operation failed: !EU0A".

Is this a known bug or a side-effect of my setup?

I have exactly the same ArtWorks version as you - fails with exactly
that error on RISC OS 5.23 (20-Dec-15) running on Raspberry Pi2 (with
or without alignment exceptions*). Interestingly if I perform the
identical operation on a Beagleboard running RISC OS 5.23 (16-Dec-15) it
does the operation without error.

* !AlignEx, V0.02a


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