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  • Date: Tue, 09 May 2006 10:12:18 +0100

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>> How about arrows automatically placed in the middle of the line.
>> Ideal for maths type drawings - parallel lines etc.
>> eg
>> -----------||------------
>> or
>> ---------->>------------
>> Well you get the idea:-)
> Not quite, at least I cannot recall having seen such a notation for
> parallel lines. I can imagine uses for having an arrow in the middle
> of a line though (i.e., more precisely, in the middle of the
> first/last line segment in case of a start/end arrow). The current
> structure would allow that to be added quite easily.
> If such an option was offered, it would look more like:
> ---------->->------------

That would be fine and very useful.
> I.e., the line would continue under the "arrowheads". I cannot see how
> you would do anything like you suggested above:
> -----------||------------
> because we do not have an arrowhead with two parallel lines. If you
> used the existing "perpendicular line" start *and* end arrows with the
> "middle" option on a single line, they would just end up on top of
> each other because the "middle" of the line is the same seen from the
> start and the end.

OK - I see the logic of that.

The use of ---||--- is used to show that lines are of equal length.




If you make the system to have user definable arrows then I presume 
this will not be a problem - good for the next release perhaps.

Best Regards

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