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  • Date: Tue, 09 May 2006 12:45:34 +0200

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> Martin Wuerthner wrote:
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>>           Clive Bonsall <C.Bonsall@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>If I export an AW2 file in Illustrator 3 format (with "Simulate CMYK
>>>inks" ticked), when I load that file into Illustrator CS2 I get a
>>>warning: "The document does not have an embedded CMYK profile". Is this
>>>expected behaviour?
>> I am very surprised that Illustrator CS2 still imports the file at
>> all. Yes, of course, the file does not have a CMYK profile, that kind
>> of thing was not around in an EPS format designed in 1990.
> Illustrator CS2 seems to handle the AI3 fles I throw at it quite
> happily. I wondered AI3 might be too early for CMYK, tho' that
> particular colour model was around in 1992 when AW1 was launched.

Of course, CMYK was around and you do get CMYK colours in exported 
Illustrator 3 EPS files. What Illustrator complains about is simply 
that there is no CMYK *profile*, which is not at all surprising 
because there is no such in ArtWorks anyway.

>> I presume you know that Illustrator CS2 can import PDF? I cannot
>> imagine any reason why one would use the 15 year old extremely limited
>> Illustrator 3 export that does not even support the most basic
>> ArtWorks features when you can use state-of-the-art PDF export that
>> supports even very advanced ArtWorks features.
> Yes, I was aware that CS2 can import PDF ... but AFAICS you can't edit
> an imported (PDF) drawing, which makes the CS2 PDF import facility of
> limited use to me.

I am not aware of any such limitation. Surely, PDF import into 
Illustrator CS2 would be completely pointless if you could not *edit* 
the result? Have you tried it? I have seen screenshots of imported AW 
files in Illustrator and it looked perfectly editable.

> Any chance of an improved Illustrator exporter for AW2?

As far as I can see PDF export suits perfectly.

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