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  • Date: Tue, 09 May 2006 12:28:43 +0100

Samuel Kock wrote:

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Well, you might have told me how. It's just taken me 30 seconds to work it out ... Object>Flatten transparency first, then it works. Perhaps it's time to buy a manual for CS2 -- all this trial and error stuff is doing my head in ;)
Thanks (to you and Martin) for putting me straight ... I'll take back what I said about the need for an improved Illustrator importer for AW2.

Uhm, that is just because I have never edited a PDF with transparency in CS2, so I did not know about that option! Thanks for letting us know about it, though, for future reference... :)

Neither have I, knowingly that is ... Whenever I export files from AW2 to Illustrator, they invariably contain hatch fills. I wouldn't have expected the "flatten transparency" option in CS2 to apply. However, this seems to be the only way I can make an AW2 PDF editable in Illustrator. Perhaps Martin can offer an explanation?

And I thought CS2 comes with a manual? Or is it just help files?

If you pay the full commercial price, then presumably the manual is included. I am able to buy PC software at educational prices ... unfortunately, the manuals have to be bought separately at the full commercial price. So I tend to rely on the help files.
Clive Bonsall

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