Re: [artworks] PDF: When black isn't really black

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  • Date: Tue, 09 May 2006 10:15:12 +0200

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          Philip Pemberton <philpem@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>   I've just tried exporting some AW drawings in PDF format, and for some
> reason black (CMYK 0:0:0) is coming up as a dark grey in Adobe Reader.
> According to Gimp, AR is rendering it as 0/13/0/87% C/M/Y/K rather than the
> 0/0/0/100% C/M/Y/K that's been set in ArtWorks.

This sounds very strange. After all, one of the big advantages of PDF 
output is that it includes the exact CMYK colours you have set in 
ArtWorks. There are no known issues with colour export and if I try it 
here, I do get pure black - I mean, this is a *very* basic thing. I 
have spent ages getting rather advanced colour stuff right.

Please let me see an ArtWorks file and its PDF output.

>   This is on AW2.57, and anything from a solid black rectangle up to a text
> object will cause this issue. The only reason I'm complaining is because it's
> cocking up the output when I feed it to the laser printer - more
> specifically, it's showing nasty jaggies on the edges, and the printing looks
> quite light compared to a text print.

Jaggies on the edges? Surely, if you start with a vector-based PDF 
file exported from ArtWorks they can only have been introduced by any 
inbetween processing step?

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